Festival ARS MUSICA 2020

Ars Musica explores the possible sounds that break free from borders and dogmas in order to discover incredible horizons. At the time of the Ars Musica 2020 festival programming, the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic for artists having appeared in all their magnitude, a theme emerged, which took the name SolidArs: a festival to give musicians the opportunity to perform and be heard.

« The concert and its magic weave the sensitive thread that unites public and artists during unique and unforgettable moments. »


Joanna Bailie – Trains – for cello and tape

Ivan Fedele – Modus – for bass clarinet and marimba/vibraphone

Jean-Luc Hervé – Au dehors – for clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Nelida Bejar – CRÉATION ARS MUSICA – for clarinet, piano, violin, cello, marimba and vibraphone

Stefan Hejdrowski – Allegro ma non suono – for cello and piano

John Luther Adams – Dark Wind – for bass clarinet, piano, vibraphone and marimba



Clarinet/Bass Clarinet – Benjamin Maneyrol

Piano – Sara Picavet

Violin – Aymeric de Villoutreys

Cello – Merryl Havard

Percussions – Max Charue et Julien Mairesse

Artistic Direction – Marc Collet

Ars Musica