Whether resulting from a reflection on Pollock’s interlacings, Calder’s hanging mobiles, Rothko’s vertigo and the labyrinths of Anatolian carpets for the American composer, or a jump into the Franco-Flemish polyphonies and songs from the Orthodox tradition for the Estonian composer, the « minimalist » music of both Morton Feldman and Arvo Pärt – more than any others – immerses us into a world of abyss and silence

Deep in the depths of the unspeakable,  « Music of silence » appears as an echo of the dawn of humanity, of the murmur of the waves, of the wind in the treetops.

The young Belgian composer, Stefan Hejdrowski, prolongs this echo with a new work commissioned for the occasion by Ensemble21.

Stefan Hejdrowski, Allegro ma non suono for cello and piano (premiere)
Arvo Pärt, Es sang vor langen Jahren for alto voice, violin and alto, featuring a text by Clemens Brentano (1984)
Arvo Pärt, Fratres for cello and piano (1977/1989)

Arvo Pärt, Stabat Mater for soprano, alto and tenor voices, violin, alto and cello (1985)