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  • Église Sainte-Gertrude de Gentinnes27.05.2023 20:00

Presenting Luciano Berio’s famous Folksongs along with some of his most memorable chamber works, Laure Delcampe and Ensemble21 invite us to the heart of sound poetry and the theatricality of the musical gesture.

Luciano Berio’s breathtaking chamber music is an exceptional counterpoint to the more widely known works from this major composer of the 20th century.

In collaboration with Espace Senghor and La Ferme du Biéreau

Luciano Berio, Sequenza XIV for cello
Luciano Berio, Sequenza II for harp
Luciano Berio, Sequenza IXa for clarinet
Luciano Berio, Gesti for treble recorder
Luciano Berio, Autre fois, berceuse canonique pour Igor Stravinsky
Luciano Berio, Chamber Music for female voice, clarinet, harp and cello
Luciano Berio, Folksongs for voice and ensemble